Families of confirmed dead Takoradi girls have launched a new verbal attack on the Ghana Police Service.
Ever since the missing Takoradi girls were confirmed dead, there have been controversies upon controversies.
The families have made an appeal to the Inspector General of Police not to renege on his commitment to release the human parts for an independent DNA test.
However, a report on citinewsroom.com states that a sister to one of the girls, Rebecca Quayson, said apart from being refused the remains, the families have also been refused hard copies of the initial police forensic results that confirmed the deaths of the girls, that had been missing for over a year.
She said; “We are not happy because the IGP held a press conference telling Ghanaians that if the family wanted a second opinion, he was ready to release the bones. But it is a different story now.”
She said three families went to the Western Region police command and requested for the remains for “a second opinion and maybe burial.”
“But they are telling us that it is evidence and they have to keep it and they have to guard it for security reasons and all that,” she recounted.
“If you trust the work that you have done and you trust the report you have come to tell Ghanaians, what is stopping you for giving us the bones?”


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