The Regional Secretary for Ghana national peace council Mr. Suala Abdulia has educated the youth and elders of Bono, Bono East, and Ahafo regions during the celebration of international peace day. This was the most vital program held for youth in senior high school of Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions.

He said this is a program organized to train and educate the youth to understand the benefit and concept of peacebuilding for the development of the nation.

Mr. Suala Abdulia Said, peace is a message for victory in everyday life activities and without peace and stability, the nation is not as strong as what we want. He explains that a national peace council is a tool for peace and stability in the country.

He said, the national peace council and the regional peace council don’t work only on election days but always available in educating the youth and people of this country about peace and unity.

He also encourages the youth and people of the region to continue to do well in peacebuilding and make sure that areas in this regions with conflict and misunderstanding to know the benefit and concepts of peacebuilding for them and the country.

In his conclusion, he encourage students of each senior high school in both regions to do well to educate and train people in their communities of peacebuilding.

Source: Odeneho Akwasi Appiah


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