The district Chief executive for Sunyani west constituencies, Honourable Martin Obeng has brief the concerns of the Assembly members to dissolve from their positions held by members in the District Assembly.

He made this clear after the instructions from the regional coordinating council in the Bono region.

He said, the tenure of office for Assembly members is over after 4 years in power and therefore pleading with the assembly members at his district and region to go according to the orders from the regional coordinating council and set for reelection in their various electoral areas.

Mr Obeng said that whenever their tenure of office is over the assembly is supposed to dissolve the house for members to assign to their various electoral areas for the next election to be held.

He said that whenever the house dissolves the assembly still works on their various duties of the district and the region.

In his conclusion, he said it is the mandate of the constitution to remove assembly members from office when their tenure is over.

Source: Adombire Augustine


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