Gari Soakings
Gari Soakings

A Nigerian medical doctor has cautioned the general public to desist from eating gari soakings.

The doctor whose name is Dr. Boniface Okolo in a conversation with News Agency of Nigerian(NAN) said Gari Soaking causes Lassa Fever as the rodents that cause this disease are often in contact with gari.

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“We in the state health ministry are waging total war against rodents through sensitisation, that is what we are doing to ensure we do not have victim of Lassa fever in the state.

“We are also sensitising the public to ensure that their fruits and raw vegetables are properly washed if they must be consumed them raw and cook to the appropriate temperature.

“The best practices for food storage should be encouraged to prevent epidemic. ”We should always make sure that we use air-tight clean plastic containers to preserve our foodstuff to avoid Lassa fever and other diseases,” he said.

Gari soakings is a Ghanaian/ Nigerian type of delicacy which is normally cheap to afford. Most people refer to Gari soakings as the savior because it is mostly what people rely on in difficult times. It Isa mixture of Gari, water, sugar and sometimes milk. That is if one had the means to add milk to it.


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