Juju or shrine
Juju or shrine

A frustrating side chick has shocked many people on social media after reports of her emerged that she has sent her married man to juju for dumping her after using her for years and even aborting two pregnancies for him.

The wife of the married man shared her ordeal to ‘Joro’ an Instagram based Nigerian-American relationship expert.

According to the woman, her 7-year-old daughter has been having sleepless nights as she keeps screaming of being chased by the lady in her dream.

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She said after months of having sleepless nights and crying to God to save her family from their current spiritual battle, she opted to ask her daughter to describe who has been chasing her in her dream.

One day the daughter described the lady who has been chasing her in the dreams to both parents and the description perfectly matched the side chick of the husband.

See the screenshots below;


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