GHOne TV news anchor Serwaa Amihere has incurred the wrath and fury of some users on micro-blogging network, Twitter.
According to her in a tweet, the influx of sports betting among the youth in Ghana is fast becoming a national crisis, therefore, the government should act as quickly as possible to curb the developing menace.

Serwaa's tweet
Serwaa’s tweet

Apparently, her tweet didn’t go down with some users of Twitter especially the punters as they found her topic for discussion as rather irrelevant.
According to some users, Serwaa Amihere has a case of misplaced priorities as there are more pressing issues for discussion such as the commotion regarding the CSSPS confusion, Takoradi missing girls amongst others rather, she chose to discuss betting as a social crisis.
Below are some of the insults thrown at Serwaa Amihere;


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