GhOne TV news anchor Serwaa Amihere has descended heavily on consumer protection enthusiast, Kofi Kapito for harassing her at the just ended RTP awards.
Kofi Kapito over the weekend presenting an award at the RTP Awards made derogatory comments about Serwaa Amihere.
He said; “Hello… Serwaa Amihere, look at your butt. Nice…”, these are the comments that have landed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Consumer Protection Agency, Mr Kofi Kapito in hot water amid accusations of sexual harassment on social media.
Reacting to the infamous comments made by Kofi Kapito, Serwaa Amihere took to Twitter to register her displeasure.
She shared a video from the awards night where Kofi Kapito made a comment about Serwaa’s butt.
She captioned alongside; ”I had so much respect for Mr. Kofi Kapito. This is a classic case of sexual harassment. I’m appalled by his utterances. This was needless and completely disrespectful!”.



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