Kumawood actor, Abraham Davis, who is popularly known as Oboy Salinko has called out his colleague, Mmebusem, to humble himself.
For the past few days, rumours making rounds on social media suggests that Mmebusem has allegedly run away with his Salinko’s ‘The Preacher” series, popularly known as “Ghana Jesus” costume.
Others also claim that he has abandoned his role, and is supposedly single-handedly churning out similar videos for his personal YouTube page.
However, Salinko speaking to Sammy Flex in an interview revealed how Mmebusem to being part of the TV series.
He further pleaded and advised Mmebusem to look beyond and return to the set so they can continue the TV series.
He said, “…that is why am saying that if he doesn’t see the bigger picture and he continues with these short skits, he will remain there because people will know him not for a bigger TV series, but for Youtube skits. In this country If someone will work with you they want to know your track record, they want to see what you have been able to do, they want to know if you have a continuous assessment, but if you get one break and you run away to be on your own, then no one would want to work with you.”
Watch full interview below;


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