Residents of Imo State in Nigerian witnessed a shocking incident after land guards reportedly dug out the corpses of two members of the rival family, three weeks after interment.
The incident happened in Isiozi Umuaka, Imo State. It was gathered that the corpses were those of a mother and her daughter-in-Law who died 6 and 4 years ago respectively, but couldn’t be buried due to the lingering land dispute.
According to reports,  the bodies were buried on the land under dispute, but the other family said the case is still in court, hence proceeded to dig them out and take their caskets to the market square.
However, a social media user who witnessed the shocking incident wrote; “A family had to exhume the caskets with Corpses of a mother and her daughter in-law who has been buried 3weeks ago just because of land disputes.
The deceased spent 6months lying in the mortuary because of same issues. Out of anger the entire youths carried the deceased into the sitting room of the same family that exhumed the caskets with the corpses where they were laid as a punishment to them all that was involved in the act.
Further more the entire youths of same village burned down and destroyed some of their properties. This happened in Njaba L. G. A, Imo State. I witnessed it today with my two eyes.”
See the photos below;


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