Counsellor Luttorodt
Counsellor Luttorodt

Controversial counsellor, George Lutterodt claims men who take certain risks and cautions about their marriages are ‘foolish’.

According to him, any man that follows his wife to any party be its end of year party or reunion is just a complete fool.

He explained that the friends of one partner in a marriage should not necessarily become the friends of the other partner. Citing an example, he said: “the friends that my wife makes at church, they are not my friends.

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You can’t protect your marriage,” he said. “Individual partners in marriages choose to protect their marriage. I protect my marriage and my wife does the same.”

He continued: “So, how on earth should my wife be interested in my friends? That’s where the problem lies.”

“The friends my wife makes at church aren’t mine. So, if my wife wants to attend an old school reunion party, why should I follow her? Only foolish men follow their wives to parties.”

“…I will not follow my wife to parties just to protect her and my marriage. Marriage is protected by what people see, not by following your partner to parties or asking their whereabouts when they go to parties alone.”

He added that men who follow their wives around are insecure and not qualified to be husbands.

“Any man who does this to you is insecure. He is not qualified for you,” he concluded.


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