Social media users have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of BBC’s SexForGrades documentary.
The piece, according to the media giant uncovers lecturers in West Africa’s prestigious universities who take advantage of their students
BBC Africa has already released excerpts of the documentary which highlights the University of Ghana and the University of Lagos in Nigeria.
The video has exposed one lecturer at the University of Ghana has exposed a lecturer from the College of Education, Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, pleading to a ‘female’ student to become her side guy.
He said repeatedly, “Let me be your side boy, side guy…men have side chicks…I will not give you trouble…seriously I will not give you trouble…I will not give you trouble…I will not be a distraction to your life…let me be your side guy…”
“Maybe you’ll be my side and I’ll also be your side. Because me, I’m married…my wife is not in the country though…my wife is out of the country,” he said while interacting with the BBC undercover journalist who posed as a student in his office.
Reporter Kiki Mordi, who knows first-hand how devastating sexual harassment can be, reveals what happens behind closed doors at some of the region’s most prestigious universities.
Watch the video below;


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