Controversial marriage counsellor Charlotte Oduro has fired back at Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku for boycotting her assertion.
On the 10th of October, your favourite news website, reported that counsellor Oduro advised men to stay away from any woman who spends GHC1000 on her hair. She added that any woman who does that lacks vision and goals.
Her statement sparked a heated conversation on social media. Others agreed to her opinion whiles netizens chastised her like never before.
Fast-forward, after the news was all over the internet, actress Kafui Danku joined the conversation and according to her, anyone who follows the counsel of Counsellor Oduro won’t make it in life.
Apparently, Kafui Danku’s comments didn’t go down well with Charlotte Oduro as she has also fired back.
Counsellor Oduro during a discussion on Hitz FM’s TLNChat Show lambasted the actress for her comment.
She reiterated that women who spend GH¢ 1000 on Brazillian hairdo are not marriage material.
“Some people don’t really get it. someone was saying that if you follow this woman you will never make money. Me and you who is making sense. if you will save GH¢1000 for every 2 weeks, you get GH¢2000 a month. 2 months is GH¢4000. Can’t you use this GH¢4000 to build up a business? Give yourself four years and you will be the best woman in town. Some women don’t want to own their own lives.” Counsellor Oduro said.
Watch the video below;


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