Ever since the EOCO ordered gold trading firm, Menzgold to shutdown, there have controversies upon controversies.
Ghanaians heavily chastised celebrities who endorsed (brand ambassadors) the gold trading because they mislead people to invest with the unlicensed gold trading firm.
The company signed Ghanaian celebrities including Joyce Blessing, Zynell Zuh, TooSweet Annan, Bibi Bright, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Kumi Guitar, Benedicta Gafah among others as its ambassadors.
Nonetheless, the award-winning musician speaking in an interview monitored by Jupateafrica.com said that, celebrities who were signed as Ambassadors for Nana Appiah Mensah’s Menzgold had no role to play in the company’s collapse.
Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Happy FM, she said; “Like saying that I have been signed onto Happy FM and eventually a problem arises that sparks anger in people. If others should get angry with me because of that problem at Happy FM, it will be unfair to me because I wouldn’t know the in-depth work of Happy FM. However, as a brand, I would only know the front part of it and that’s what I will go for.
People were clearly not happy and I did not expect everyone to be happy. People have gone through trauma because of their locked up money”, Becca indicated.


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