Dada KD
Dada KD

Ghanaian highlife musician Dada KD has revealed that he owes the German authorities € 20,000 and therefore cannot go back to the European country to avoid getting arrested.

According to him, he faced hard financial times when he was in Germany and decided to secure a government loan to invest in his music career. But had to flee after failing to pay back.

“You can live anywhere in the world with freedom, but in Germany, the country is governed by law and respect,” he told Accra FM. “I can go to Germany whenever I want, but the little problem I have is that I owe a loan. So, I’ll be arrested if I step there.”

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“At some point in my music career, I had to take a loan from the government to invest in my music.

“During that period, I expected my baby mama to guarantee the loan with one of my kids. But she refused over insecurities. She didn’t see the reason to guarantee when we aren’t married,” he said.

The “Somu Gye” hitmaker said he escaped because he couldn’t combine an eight-hour job with his music career.

“So, at some point, I was being chased for the loan. And you know I can’t combine an eight-hour job with music. Music is my God-given talent and I can perform it anywhere.”

Finally, he revealed that: “I owe about 20,000 Euros.”


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