Caleb Nii Boye
Caleb Nii Boye

Actor turned radio presenter, Caleb Nii Boye has sadly recounted a sad experience he encountered during his acting days.

According to him, this was after the producer bought two bottles of Malta Guinness for his friends and he asked him whether he would drink and he gave an affirmative answer.

“I was linked with one producer after I came back from the Next Movie Star reality show in Nigerian and he called me on set(Ajiringanor). After three days on set, he gave me a bottle of Malta Guinness and this was after he has bought two bottles for his friends and luckily for me, I had a biscuit in my pocket so I had to top it up with the malt.
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“There was another case where one Stephen guy had called me for work around Kasoa and after the guy had made me sit down for several hours without shooting any movie, he gave me Ghc 5 for T&T,” he added.

His comments come on the back of recent uproar in the filmmaking industry in Ghana over movie producers’ failure to pay actors and actresses. Veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo asked that he be paid by movie producers who owe him a substantial amount of money after he had featured in their movies.


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