Suspect Mustapha Idris
Suspect Mustapha Idris

Jigawa State Police have arrested 29-year-old Mustapha Idris for killing his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend.

The deceased (the 20-year-old girl) identified as Nafisa Hashimu was three months pregnant for Mustapha Idris her boyfriend. Out of wedlock Mustapha and Nafisa were lovers in Daneji village in Jigawa state.

According to reports, the deceased found out she was pregnant for her boyfriend and out of exhilaration told Mustapha, but he was not happy about it and angrily stabbed her to death and disposed of her body in the purlieu of Jigawa state.

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Upon their investigations, they arrested Mustapha Idris, the boyfriend of the girl and after interrogation, he confessed that he killed the pregnant girlfriend to avoid the shame of giving birth outside wedlock.

“I’m ashamed of how the society will see us after she delivers the unborn child out of wedlock, and thus I decided to terminate her life to stay away from shame,” he said.

The suspect will be arraigned before court to face the laws of the land according to Police Commander Audu Jinjiri.


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