Bishop Daniel Obinim has been fingered in the numerous serial killings on-going in the country.
Per the audio chanced, it’s a chat between two people, one an alleged serial killer and the other a man who is seeking for his service in a chieftaincy issue.
According to the person placing the hit, Nana Okofo Bonsey and one other chief called Nana Kwaku Dua (Not Otumfour) has a problem and definitely, Nana Kwaku Dua will lose the case of Otumofur sits on it.
So, one person who is on the side of Nana Kwaku Duah and can also ascend the throne of Nana Okofo Bonsey wants him eliminated and his linguist beaten to a pulp.
In the same audio, he mentioned the name of the founder and leader of International God’s Way Church, Obinim and said he requested human parts for something and he and his guys executed the tasked for him. can’t tell if it’s real or something the two guys on the phone cooked to tarnish the image of Bishop Daniel Obinim.
Listen to the audio below;


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