One of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana, Ecobank has finally broken silence about the lady who is reported to have robbed them.
As reported earlier by, the lady whose name is still unknown was arrested after she reportedly robbed an Ecobank branch in Kumasi and tries to escape through the window.
In an attempt to flee, the lady robber jumped from the first floor of the story building falling down and hurting her waist in the process.
Well, according to the bank, the lady noticed some unusual deposits in her account and invited for questioning.
Sports journalist Saddick who claims he spoke to the bank concerning the issues revealed the real details about the matter.
He tweeted; UPDATE: Just had a call from Ecobank on this incident. It actually happened but in August 2019. The bank suspected unusual transfer into this lady’s account. The bank invited her to upper room to investigate her. She sensed danger and decided to escape. Matter is in court now



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