Africa’s richest man alive, Alike Dangote has revealed plans of giving half of his wealth to humanitarian work especially in the health sector.
Speaking at the 2019 Goalkeepers’ event hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in New York, Dangote expressed his gratitude to Gates’ philanthropy which is well known in Africa especially Nigeria.
He further thanked Bill Gates, the brain behind Microsoft for making him a better person through his charity works across the world.
“When I started my foundation in 1994, I never realised we had this massive challenge in the health sector.
“Really, it was mind-boggling when we had this agreement to collaborate with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and that really opened my eyes to realise that there are a lot of challenges in health.
“At that time I didnt have the opportunity of meeting Biill but meeting Bill changed me into a different person. This is somebody that has nothing to do with us in Africa or Nigeria but he is putting his money and his soul into everything.
“He is very committed to helping humanity and that really surprises me a lot and I realised that he is a simple person and I never knew Bill would be this simple. He is a very soft-spoken guy and kind hearted.
“It is very difficult to find people like Bill in this world. Bill, we are very grateful and I can assure you that with my association with Bill, my only prayer is that in the next few years, I will try and give my chunk of wealth to charity,” Dangote said.


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