AFROSAGES is a Ghanaian Online Business and Lifestyle magazine that publishes daily posts on Social Media Tips, Business Advice, and largely Emerging Businesses and Startups in the Ghanaian economy.  

AFROSAGES also publishes Music from curated by the team to match with its lifestyle posts to have a blend of business with pleasure. The site seems to rival the likes of and

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The magazine expanding in the category of emerging businesses and ensuring that startups and SMEs focus on the use of Social Media Tools and Resources.

The motto of AFROSAGES is “Enabling Growth and Profitability.” 

Its founder, editor-in-chief and Managing Partner; Emile King alongside Elorm Kwame Sangbey(co-Managing Partner) seeks to ensure the website carries news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business.

Entity History

Emile King, a sales and marketing practitioner conceived the idea of AFROSAGES and joined hands with Elorm Kwame Sangbey a Social Media enthusiast. The Website was built and designed by Emile King as a self-taught agenda which has been the strategy since.

The website officially launched on May 21, 2019.

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The business has been ever-expanding and giving attention to SMEs and Start-ups emerging on the Ghanaian scene. is part of AFROSAGES Venture, the frontline website of AFROSAGES. This is a sole proprietorship business. employs the slogan “Enabling Growth and Profitability” and focused, in 2019, on the publication of businesses and tips for their growth and profitability. partly uses a “contributor model”  as well as the publication of niche content as a resource for Ghanaian startups and SMEs.

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Afrosages allows businesses to submit details about their businesses for publication as blog posts on its website alongside regular editorial content. also publishes lifestyle and music posts, and an online magazine to read stories and listen to a curated playlist by the AFROSAGES.

Engage with AFROSAGES

AFROSAGES is social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as @afrosages.

To get your business featured on their Emerging Business Series, send mails to or go to -us.

Businesses seeking to put their messages to the audience of or engage their marketing and consultancy services; check out


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