About Us

About Us – Jupdateafrica.com is a news portal that delivers accurate, up-to-date and authentic new to millions of people in Ghana and around the world. We kick-started as a general new portal in September 2019 and have gradually grown to become one of the most vibrant and most visited news portals in Ghana in just a short period time due to our commitment and consistency in reporting.

The news portal is managed by the founder and Chief-Editor, Julius Appiah (Afrosages).
Jupdateafrica.com is a leading source of trusted entertainment, relationship tips, and health news. We educate and inform bring to your doorstep the everyday health issues and awareness trending news around the world as well.

Our goal is to create a friendly and entertaining social network which will bring fans in close proximity to their favorite stars-we use the term “close proximity” loosely here. These will be in the form of exclusive as well as live interviews where fans will have the opportunity to ask questions pending submission and subsequent approval of Jupdateafrica.com.

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