25 migrants found inside a refrigerated container on ship
25 migrants found inside a refrigerated container on ship

On Tuesday, November 19th, Dutch authorities found 25 migrants, UK bound, stowed away in a refrigerated container on a cargo ferry bound for Britain shortly after it left the Netherlands.

Tracking data for the ship – a Britannia Seaways ferry – shows it returned to port in the city of Vlaardingen shortly after leaving for the UK at around 5 pm. It had originally been scheduled to arrive in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

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Two of the 25 were raced to hospital after assessment on the ground by paramedics. The other 23 are being held by the police, with a bus seen transporting them away from the port.

The ship was met by 20 ambulances, and two of the migrants were taken to the hospital to be checked for hypothermia. The other 23 received a medical check-up in the port before being processed by police, according to a statement from emergency services.

The origins of the migrants are currently unknown, but reports suggest most of them are male.


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